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China enshrines new rules for approving games

China has created a new approval process for games, as market analyst Niko Partners has detailed. The country is the largest gaming market in the world, but all publishers must submit games to the government for content and monetization review. This can make the process of releasing in China difficult. …

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4 Ways Early Stage CTOs Can Learn to Roll With the Punches

There’s always a tinge of “TBD” that accompanies the role of an early stage startup CTO. There’s a reason the position comes with that “up in the air” feeling. Early stage companies can’t immediately hire someone with the tech and executive know-how needed to handle the job. Most startups appoint a lead developer …

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AI helps four-legged robots find their footing

There’s quite a few quadrupedal robots out there, the most impressive of which might be Boston Dynamics’ Spot. But they have a problem in common: figuring out where to step so that they don’t become stuck or fall over. Luckily, a team of scientists at the University of Oxford, Sabanci …

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Surprise! Satellites show that thermometers don’t lie

Enlarge / Official weather stations are more standardized than this consumer one, which helps them track global temperature trends. Taking a human’s temperature is easy. Taking a pet’s temperature is similarly straightforward, if a bit rude. Taking a planet’s temperature, on the other hand, is much more of a challenge. …

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