50 Cute Happy Birthday Twins Wishes and Quotes

50 Cute Happy Birthday Twins Wishes and Quotes

Birthday celebrations are always special and exciting, but celebrating a birthday with your twin is double the fun! There’s nothing like having someone to share in all of life’s biggest moments who understands you better than anyone else. If you have twins or know someone who does, why not celebrate their birthday together? To help make this day extra special for them, here are 50 cute happy birthday wishes and quotes that will be perfect for any set of twins. With these heartfelt messages, they can feel even more connected on their special day. So let’s get started by wishing them both a very Happy Birthday!

  1. The world did us a favor by giving us two of you. Although you are each unique, you share the same wonderful qualities that only twins share. Here’s wishing you both a wonderful time on your birthday.
  2. You may have worn the same outfits when you were growing up, but you are both unique, singular, and wonderful. I’m glad you’re in my life. Happy birthday.
  3. Twins are like winning the lottery. There’s double the goodness and double the fun. I’m so proud of you both. Happy birthday.
  4. I’d send you a two dollar bill but they don’t make them anymore. I’d send you a two-pence but we’re not in England. So here’s my two cents worth: Have a happy birthday!
  5. Twins, do you say happy birthday to each other? Or if you look in the mirror and say happy birthday is it like saying it to your twin? Enquiring minds want to know. But mostly they want to wish you a happy birthday.
  6. It’s your birthday, twins. Does this mean you want a cake that’s half chocolate and half vanilla? How about we split the difference and go for strawberry? No matter what kind of cake you get, have a great birthday. And save me a piece.
  7. Since you’re twins does that mean you have to share birthday gifts? I guess it does, since you’re sharing this birthday card! Have fun today!
  8. Two heads are always better than one, now that you know that, I hope you two will support one another not only till success is attained but until forever. Happy Birthday conjoined people.
  9. When two people live life together, it is always great. I hope you’ll never be weak having each other around. Happy Birthday great two people.
  10. Two lives like you came out of this small womb of mine, to me it’s a miracle and God is the master of all miracles. I’m happy you’re mine. Happy Birthday my two special gifts.
  11. Twins are really awesome, it is very difficult to separate anything from you guys, because there’s little or nothing to separate, you are twin and intertwine. :) Happy Birthday twins.
  12. When I gave birth to you I was happy at the same time worried of how to take good care of you. I’m happy I was able to do that without stress. Happy Birthday twins.
  13. May life become easy for both of you as you grow old and may you be a source of inspiration to other twins out there. Happy Birthday twins. May God protect you.
  14. May you become different among all other twins in the world, may you be known for your endless positive commitment towards making your world better. Happy Birthday twins. Enjoy your day my twins.
  15. I’ve faced many challenges raising both of you up, some that made me cry. But today I’m proud to have been there for you because you are now here with me. Happy Birthday my twins.
  16. Twins are the people difficult to explain in the world. Beating one is beating the other, but showing love to one is calling the trouble of the other. :) Happy Birthday twins.
  17. God’s hilarious gift I’ve received, my twin naughty sons. I love you both. Wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday.
  18. Twice the sunshine, double the blooms, twice the happiness and double the joys, as it is the beautiful day of my life. Happy Birthday, my dearest twin daughters.
  19. We are the double creation of God because God liked my face so He created another one. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, my sweet twin sister.
  20. You look so alike but yet you are so different, I love how special you make me feel to be part of your life. Have a great birthday my dear twins!!
  21. Happy Birthday my dears, you make me so happy to be by your side and to share each and every event with you. I hope you have a blast my dear twins; it’s your birthday, make the most out of it.
  22. Happy Birthday dear twins, you make life so beautiful, you make each day worth living and each moment worth saving. I love you so much.
  23. Happy Birthday dear twins, you are awesome and I love you very much, have a great time and I hope you enjoy this day. Happy Birthday my dearies!!
  24. Happy Birthday dear twins, I hope you have as much fun as I’m surely going to have, you are awesome and I love you so much, do enjoy the moments.
  25. Take advantage of each other, in a good way, having a twin is a blessing and I know you know each other’s worth. Happy Birthday twins!!
  26. You are my favorite pair of twin sisters, and today being your birthday, I want to wish you an awesome birthday full of joy and laughter.
  27. I am yet to meet twin sisters that are as adorable as you. May all your dreams come true this year and the years after. Happy birthday, my dearest friends.
  28. Happy birthday, twins. I am grateful to have you guys in my life. May this birthday be the beginning of several wonderful birthdays to come in your lives. May God fill your lives with joy and happiness.
  29. You two, are the coolest set of twins I have ever known. I really hope that this special day of yours will bring you good luck that will follow you for the rest of your lives. Have a good one, guys!
  30. I woke up today wondering why the day was so beautiful and then I suddenly remembered it’s your birthday and I understood why. Wishing my favorite twins a very happy birthday.
  31. Weakness can be converted to motivation in the best possible way when it comes from a better half of a person, your twin is your better half, Happy Birthday twins.
  32. Twins are mysterious and adorable blessing that always make people marvel and have the willingness to have such a blessing. May God give unto those who want it as quadruple. ? Happy Birthday exceptional twins.
  33. All things are known to the Lord and having you is God’s desire for me, and indeed it’s a great blessing for me. Happy Birthday my delirious twins. You’re celebrated my double and replicates.
  34. It’s a great blessing for a woman to have two daughters who were born in the same year, on the same day and in the same hour. May God bless you twins. Happy Birthday.
  35. The pleasure of having twins is unparalleled, you’ve got to see two people who look exactly alike, who wears the same cloth but are totally different. Heheheh. Happy Birthday amiable twins.
  36. Having a daughter is already equal to ten sons, but having two beautiful daughters is equal to twenty! May God preserve you my two little angels. Happy Birthday twins. Enjoy your special day.
  37. Happy happy. Birthday birthday. To both of you. I think I’m seeing double. And how lucky is that? Have a great one.
  38. Happy birthday to my favorite set of twins. The only thing better than having one of you in my life is having both of you. Have a great one!
  39. The most difficult government to run is that of the twins. You don’t want to favor one more than the other and if you do, you don’t want them to know. Heheheh. Happy Birthday twins.
  40. It is fun to be around twins, while one wants a glass of water the other begin to cry and ask for a glass of milk. Heheheh. Two people that acts strange. Happy Birthday twins.
  41. Bringing you up combined with work is the most challenging aspect of life, because work needs my time and so do you. I am happy I was able to pass through that. Happy Birthday twins.
  42. You two fight over everything, I hope you won’t fight over my wishes for you. I only have one wish for both of you. Happy Birthday twin nieces. Aunt cares so much.
  43. I never thought I’ll have children because of my past, but God did his miracle and he gave me you twin. A boy and a girl, nothing more could be better. Happy Birthday twins.
  44. Happy Birthday two people known as one, having you around has been about nothing but fun. May you enjoy the best part of your years every day. Enjoy your special day.
  45. I have faced many troubles in my life, many challenges, many hurdles but none like raising twins. Heheheh. Twins are excellent creatures. Happy Birthday twins. Keep enjoying every good things God has provided for you.
  46. There is no set of twins who are as cool as you two are. You both make a unique pair. which we can never find. I hope you both stay happy. Have happy birthday twins.
  47. Wait! I am seeing double bday wishes. I hope you double a good time in your life. Happy bday, Have fun!
  48. You both born at the same time. You both make the world better. May you both have a happy Birthday. May your both achieve lots of success.
  49. Bday wishes for twins from Dad When you were born, The whole world seems to be more beautiful and cute, You both changed my life totally, As you grew up side by side I learned the meaning of life. Happy Birthday to my cute twins. Love DAD
  50. It’s a double delight day. Twins are wonderful in every way. The pair is most loved pair in the world. Have a wonderful birthday to you both.
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To wish your twins a happy birthday, all you need to do is pick one of the 50 Cute Happy Birthday Twins Wishes and Quotes on this list. Whether it’s funny or heartfelt, these wishes will make them feel special and appreciated on their big day. Make sure that each twin gets an individual message — something unique that expresses how much they mean to you. You could even pair two quotes together for both twins in order to give them a truly personalised birthday greeting!

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