Happy 10th Birthday Wishes And Greetings

Turning 10 years old is a great milestone for a child and then, they start to think like teenagers. It means that the gifts aren’t going to work for them; they achieve a double digit and so they expect parties and precious words that must be full of warmth and glory. Plus, they enjoy the celebrations and parties of their birthday as they enter the new beginning of double digit zone. So in order to add some more colors to their special day, we have brought the collection of best Happy 10th Birthday Wishes for you. This collection is the whole bunch of the words that will surely remain unforgettable for them.

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These 10th Birthday Wishes will help you to choose the suitable and lovely words for the child who just turned into the age in which he/she will begin to think as a ‘teenager’. Pick any of these birthday wishes and just add more colors to beautify their day and make it unforgettable for them forever because its a decade since they born.

Amazing 10 Birthday Wishes And Greetings

1 – You’ve scored another birthday. A double digit year! You deserve a fantastic party and lots of birthday cheer! Happy 10th Birthday!

2 – Three balloons with three wishes are my gift for your 10th birthday. The first one is for making this day memorable, the second one is for your happiness, and the third one for your success in the coming days. Happy birthday to you!

3 – You are 10 now, and you have by no means seemed so good-looking/lovely! All one of the best for a contented future!

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4 – I don`t know if you are going to be a pilot or a doctor but i know that you are a real special boy. You can reach every aim you want. All the best wishes on your 10th birthday.

5 – Turning 10 is what we adults call a milestone. That means that you have reached an important point in your life.

6 – Welcome to a brand new chapter of your life. You are no longer a baby. Happy 10th birthday to you!

7 – May all your wishes come true and all the happiness of the world bestowed upon you!

8 – Congratulations on turning 10 you are really getting older now.  IT has been fun to watch you growing yup these last 10 years.

9 – Nothing can be compared to the feeling of pride when you get to see your little son, grow up so wonderfully into such a gentleman. Thanks to you dearest son, we can call ourselves proud parents. Happy Birthday to you.

10 – Congratulations to you for your first two digit birthday! You are the best, and always will be!

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11 – Who gave you permission to get so old so fast. Now that you’re 10, I guess you don’t need permission any more.

12 – May your tenth birthday be as special as you are!

13 – We want that the approaching years will provide you with extra success and happiness. Enjoy the final a part of your childhood. Happy birthday, 10-yr-previous!

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14 – We wish that the coming years will give you more success and happiness. Enjoy the last part of your childhood. Happy birthday, 10-year-old!

15 – You’re a hero! Most likely stronger than superman and spiderman together. Happy 10th Birthday!

16 – The best time of your life is about to come. Happy 10th birthday to you!

17 – It’s amazing how much of a difference there is between 9 and 10. Remember how immature your were?

18 – Now that you’re 10, it’s time to get a job. Your first task is to have a good birthday, and I’ll pay you in cake.

19 – Happy birthday to the best kid in town!

20 – You look like a fine gentleman/lady at 10. Enjoy the day!

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21 – After being ten, you shall now be called a fine, young handsome/beautiful gentleman/lady. You are no longer a small child. Happy birthday!

22 – No, we cannot call you a little girl/boy anymore; you are an adult now! Happy tenth birthday!

23 – After being ten, you shall be able to play better video games. So, go ahead ask your dad for a game, birthday boy/girl!

24 – After being ten, you shall be capable of play higher video video games. So, go forward ask your dad for a sport, birthday boy/lady!

25 – It doesn’t get any cooler than turning ten.  You are at the perfect age.  Enjoy it!

26 – You are 10 now, and you’ve never looked so handsome/beautiful! All the best for a happy future!

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27 – You are the center of our world. We love you very much, kid. We are proud of you, daughter/son. Happy birthday to you!

28 – You are Batman and Superman combined. Keep a piece of your birthday cake for us too!

29 – You’re age is twice as many digits as it was when you were nine and you’ll have to wait 90 more years to add another digit to your age now that your age is a two digit number.

30 – Wow, you are now 120 months old. You don’t look aged one bit. Happy birthday!

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31 – On this day, you become one year older. But no matter how many birthdays come and go, you will always be my little son who took his first steps while holding my finger. Happy Birthday sonny boy!

32 – This is your first two digit birthday. You have become much stronger and taller!

33 – Enjoy your birthday with joy and happiness. Happy birthday to a very special 10-year-old!

34 – There weren’t any astronauts until I was about 10. Yuri Gagarin went into space right around my 10th birthday.

35 – To know a girl/boy like you has always made us so proud. My best wishes for you on your very special birthday!

36 – You have much to look forward to. Your future is bright, and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.

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