30 Birthday Wishes

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes

30th Birthday is a landmark Birthday. Everybody want to celebrate this 30th Birthday with enthusiasm. Here we have created a significant list of Happy 31st Birthday Wishes and Quotes. It can help you to show your love from your Family Member. We are pretty sure after dedicating this Birthday Wishes and Greetings you can easily get the attention from your Family Member, Loved One, Friend, and Relatives. Hope you guys like and enjoy these Wishes. For More Updates Stay Tuned With Us.

Top Happy 30th Birthday Wishes

1 – May God bless you on this very special day. I wish you good health, positivity and lots of love. Happy 30th birthday!

2 – When you were twenty, you felt like growing up and becoming thirty. When you will be forty, you will wish you could go back to being thirty. So to conclude, being thirty is just perfect. Happy 30th birthday!

3 – You made most of your mistakes before you turned thirty, and you’ll probably spend the years after thirty repenting for them. For now, kick back and relax. Enjoy your birthday.

4 – Happy birthday to the new wrinkle on your face. welcome to another set of grey hair on your head. Happy 30th birthday!

5 – Happy birthday to the hottest 30 year old I have ever met. Who cares about maturity? It is your birthday, you are more than allowed to act like crazy! Happy 30th birthday!

6 – Your body may have turned thirty today but the way you look like a hot twenty one year old suggests that your beauty will never be able to catch up with your age. Happy 30th birthday.

  • 7 – The best part about being thirty is that there are no uncertainties in life. You are sure that it’s all going to go downhill from here. Happy 30th birthday.
  • 8 – It’s not your 30th birthday, we are celebrating here, it’s just the second anniversary of your 29th birthday! Happy 30th birthday!
  • 9 – 30th birthdays can be tough, but look on the bright side. You’re halfway to all those retirement benefits! Happy birthday!

10 – You really understand that you are 30 when for the first time in your life you can’t blow all the candles in one breath! Happy birthday!

Lovely 30th Birthday Quotes

11 – Turning thirty is like driving down the freeway and seeing a welcome sign to the rest of your life. Enjoy your special day!

12 – Everything I know I learned after I was thirty. Here’s wishing your 30th birthday is a whole new beginning for you! May all that’s good comes your way! Happy 30th birthday!

13 – Here’s a toast to all the lovely experiences of the past 3 decades and to the many more to come! Happy 30th birthday! dear!

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14 – You’re just an 18 year old with 12 years of experience. Happy 30th birthday!

15 – When you were twenty, you felt like growing up and becoming thirty. When you will be forty, you will wish you could go back to being thirty. So to conclude, being thirty is just perfect. Happy birthday.

Amazing Happy 30th Birthday Wishes

16 – Happy 30th birthday! Happy 30th birthday to a special person who I think about all thirty days of the month.

17 – Your physical prime might be in decline, but at least your mental prime is on it’s way! Happy 30th.

18 – Happy 30th! You are now officially three decades old. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?! Don’t worry, you’ll soon be over the hill! Happy birthday!

19 – At thirteen, you were officially a teenager. At twenty one, you were officially an adult. But at thirty, you are unofficially old. Happy 30th birthday.

20 – Turning thirty may seem like a drag, but you have a long and prosperous future ahead of you! Here’s to getting the best of life on your 30th year.

21 – Life is a big adventure at thirty which you have just begun. This is the time for you to have the last bit of fun.. 30’s is a roller coaster ride which has just started to roll. Have an awesome time before age starts taking it’s toll. Happy 30th birthday!

Best Ever Happy 3oth Birthday Greetings

22 – I was going to write a funny poem that’s dirty, but then I found out that you are now thirty. You’re much too mature for things like that. All you have to do now is get old and fat. Happy 30th birthday! 8. Congratulations You’re only 5 years away from your first prostate exam. Happy 30th birthday! 9. You are not 30 You are just 29.95 plus tax.. Happy birthday!

23 – If you’re this depressed now, what are you going to do when in ten years you hit the big 4-0 mark? Come on, I’ll even help you blow off all these candles. Happy 30th birthday!

24 – Stop worrying about what’s gone by. Start celebrating what lies ahead. Happy birthday.

  • 25 – Can you believe it?! Only 10 more years until you are a 40-year-old! Well, you better enjoy this decade. At least you are not THAT old yet! Happy 30th birthday!
  • 26 – The secret of being happy in your thirties is quite simple – take each day as it comes. Happy birthday.
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27 – You may have turned thirty, but you still look so young that your age will never catch up with your beauty. Happy birthday!

28 – The 30th birthday wishes here should do the trick! By “trick” I mean that they will make your birthday boy or girl feel okay about turning 30.

Amazing 3oth Birthday Wishes

29 – Unlike anyone over 30, you can trust the great birthday greetings right below. Rest assured you’ll find only original, beautifully written birthday messages for the 30 year olds in your life.

30 – Happy 30th birthday.. May your birthday and the year ahead be filled with happiness and lots of success..! With lots of love, Mum and Dad. God bless you all the time.

31 – Turning 30, at least for me, was slightly traumatic, so my advice is to choose 30th birthday messages that alleviate the pain of entering the thirtysomething club. This means picking birthday greetings that poke fun at turning 30 or come with very inspirational words about the decade ahead.

32 – Now that you’ve turned thirty, you’ll get a lot more respect than you did at 29. Enjoy it! Happy birthday!

33 – There is one thing worth looking forward to when you turn thirty – you are almost halfway to retirement benefits. Happy birthday.

34 – Don’t let turning thirty give you the jitters. Live life to the fullest to give your heart the sweetest flutters. Happy 30th birthday!

35 – Don’t whine because you are 30 years old, rejoice because you are 30 years wise! Happy 30 years of wisdom to you! Happy 30th birthday!

36 – I think the best idea you’ve ever had was not to actually buy 30 candles, but just the 3 and the 0. You are getting old and your lungs don’t have the energy they had when you were 29. Just teasing you! Happy birthday!

Belated Happy 30th Birthday Sayings

37 – Give your twenties a long, hearty goodbye. Starting today, you’ll never see them again. Happy 30th.

38 – Teenagers might think you’re old now, but at least the seniors think you’re a kid! Happy 30th!

39 – Congratulations for turning thirty. From here on, life is less about knowing how old you are and more about believing how young you feel. Happy birthday.

40 – Life is too short to be lived counting the years. Just enjoy the ride and make awesome memories. Happy birthday.

41 – I am glad I have another chance to send more love your way as you deserve the sweetest things for this special day to a sweet daughter. Happy 30th birthday!

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42 – Tick, tock, tick, tock. The countdown to your midlife crisis has officially started! Happy 30th!

43 – Did you hear 30 is the new 16? No? Neither did I! Hehe! Happy 30th birthday dear. You’re still awesome.

Cute and Respected Birthday Wishes

  • 44 – I can’t believe it took you 30 years to become a grown up. Well, better late than never! Happy birthday.
  • 45 – :]th birthday wishes dear friend! From now on, you are required to smile more often. A hundred of smiles a day keeps the wrinkles away. Happy 30th birthday!
  • 46 – If you don’t want to make people jealous, don’t tell anyone you turned thirty. Not everyone gets to look as beautifully young as they did when they were twenty! Happy birthday.
  • 47 – Try not to think about the fact that you will never be a 20-year-old ever again. Instead, focus on the positive side: at least I am not writing you a “you are over the hill” card quite yet. Happy 30th birthday!

48 – Aging is a hard process, especially when you begin a new decade. You start realizing that time is indeed going by and that you are growing old. However, aging is also a great thing. We become more responsible and mature. Let’s look on the positive side and let’s celebrate your wonderful milestone. Happy 30th birthday! slots online australia

49 – Today you are approximately eleven thousand one hundred and seventy five and a half days old! Now thirty doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Happy 30th birthday!

50 – Wish you a Happy 30th Birthday Nice day for you my dear

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