35th Birthday Wishes

Happy 35th Birthday Wishes

Check out our incredible assortment of Happy 35th Birthday Wishes and Greetings. We have furnished our best and the new collection of Happy 35th Birthday Wishes. Use these wishes to show someone how much you love them and care them. These 35th Birthday Wishes will help you to show your debate for your Friend, Family Member, Loved, Sibling, and whom you want to wish who is turning in 35th. We are pretty sure you like our effort, I mean you enjoy these Birthday Wishes. Find the best one according to your mode.

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Top Happy 35th Birthday Wishes

1 – Happy Tenth-Anniversary-Of-Your-25th Birthday!! Rock on, my young friend.

2 – As you’re turning thirty-five, let’s go out and light it up so they know we’re alive!

3 – Happy 35th birthday, so today you’re master of your domain, king of the jungle.(just don’t forget to take out the trash.

4 – As you turn 35, I wanted to tell you that you’re as good looking as you were in your twenties — except a lot smarter!

5 – You are setting a bad example for all 35 year olds, with your great body, attitude, and endless energy. Cut it out!

6 – Being twenty-five, thirty-five, forty-five or fifty-five doesn’t matter as long as you welcome every new opportunity of your life with a high five. Happy 35th birthday.

  • 7 – Looking back on the memories of your youth and anticipating many new awesome memories that lie ahead – thirty-five is an age which offers the perfect vantage point to do both. Happy birthday.
  • 8 – Congratulations for having the best of both worlds – the energy of your early thirties and the mellowness of your nearing forties. Happy birthday.

9 – Thirty-five’s not young, but it certainly isn’t old. In your case, I’d say it’s just right. Happy Birthday.

10 – Yo, home-slice! Dude, you OWN 35 wid your bad self. Buzz my digits sometime. (I have no idea what this means, but you probably do. Happy Birthday!

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Amazing Happy 35th Birthday Wishes

11 – Thirty-five, schmirty-five! Let’s go out and pretend you just turned twenty. I’ll lie if you will.

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12 – Stop looking for inspiration in people around you and start being an inspiration to others – this is the best way to live the best life you possibly can. Happy birthday.

13 – Remember how ACNE used to be your worst nightmare when you were a teen? Now that you are aging, start your countdown to welcome a new nightmare called WRINKLES. Happy birthday.

14 – You’ve been a blessing to everyone around you for 35 years — You deserve this day to pamper the magnificence you’ve become!

15 – You continue to improve so, as I wish you a Happy 35th Birthday, here’s to many more “upgrades!”

16 – If every man became as handsome, charming and mature as you at thirty-five, every woman would want to skip her twenties. Happy birthday. xoxo

17 – Yo, home-slice! Dude, you OWN 35 wid your bad self. Buzz my digits sometime. (I have no idea what this means, but you probably do). Happy Birthday!

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18 – I’m sure you’ll embrace the start of your thirty-fifth year as you’ve always done — with positivity and joy. Happy Birthday!

19 – Thirty-five is a convenient age when you can still relive your crazy twenties and also show the maturity of your looming forties – as and when you choose to. Happy birthday.

20 – Fun-loving, energetic, grounded, spiritual, hard-working, joyful — yep, that’s you at 35. Happy Birthday!

Best 35th Birthday Wishes and Greetings

21 – Happy 35th birthday, so today you’re master of your domain, king of the jungle.(just don’t forget to take out the trash).

22 – You have… a loving family, friends who make you happy. A good career, lovely kids so dear. A beautiful wife, the perfect life. Happy 35th birthday.

23 – Just incase no one makes a big deal of your birthday because it’s the 35th, I wanted to say…WOOOOHOOOO!!!!

24 – Wake up to a new dawn, let bygones be bygones. Happy birthday.

25 – On your 35th birthday, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you what a genuine blessing you’ve been in my life.

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Coolest 35th Birthday Wishes

26 – From cassettes to floppies to CDs to pen drives – your life has come a long way. Happy 35th birthday.

27 – You were such a fun and loving little child, and you’re just a wiser version as you turn 35. Happy Birthday, sweet thing!

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28 – Don’t let responsibilities bog you down. Don’t let problems give you a frown. There is much more to life than little troubles. Real happiness lies in smiles, laughs, hugs and cuddles. Happy 35th birthday.

29 – Not thirty, nor forty, you are halfway between two milestones. A mix of youth and maturity, you are in life’s perfect zone. Happy birthday.

30 – Send a special electronic or written message that lets them know you understand what this birthday means to them. Or, if they experiencing any negative feelings about it, the examples below will make them realize what an awesome time of life they are about to enjoy.

Loving Birthday Wishes and Quotes

31 – Happy Birthday, 35 year old! Let’s start a movement making this the milestone birthday signifying hotness.

32 – At 35, let’s just forget the numbers and enjoy the awesomeness we have become! Happy, whatever Birthday!

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33 – You were hot at thirty and you are hotter at thirty-five. Going by your track record, imagine how hot you will be at forty. Happy birthday.

34 – Let’s re-name your birthday. It should be 18, then 21, then 25 and now – HIGH FIVE!!

35 – I don’t know about you, but I think 35 is the perfect age. Smarter, wiser, more grounded, still full of energy — enjoy!

36 – The years may have gone by but one thing has frozen in time since you were eighteen – your looks! Happy birthday.

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