Looking for a comprehensive greetings to greet with a 7th birthday boy or girl who is celebrating 7th birthday of his life and yet he is a kid , then you should pick the best 7th Birthday wishes from this post as we did for you with 1st birthday wishes. Seventh Year is a strong age digit in first 10 years of a child. So here’s applicable Birthday wishes for 7th Year completion of life.

happy 7th birthday

Note: You are going to see some extremely amazing birthday wishes ideas in this post for 7th birthday party. 

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Awesome 7th Birthday Greetings

1 – Do you know what SEVEN means? Super Extraordinary Virtuoso Epic Ninja! That’s you now, so live up to it. Learn skills, have fun, be epic! Happy birthday!

2 – Happy 7th birthday! I wish you learn a lot of new things this year, so you could look back on yourself in a year and say, “well, I’ve grown up now”.

3 – Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people. Love you, big 7-year-old! Have fun, but be safe, take pictures, and enjoy every minute of this year!

4 – I wish that your sense of humor continues to grow as much as your legs seem to.

5 – Happy 7th birthday. Remember: if you really want something, go for it, and you’ll always have it.

6 – This is your special day for a very special girl. I hope you get all the gifts you desire!

7 – Your birthday is the first in your 365-day-long journey around the sun. Enjoy!

8 – Happy 7th birthday for the most beautiful princess in town! Have fun with your firends on your special day!

9 – Happy 7th birthday! May you always be as bright and happy as you are today.

10 – 11. Happy seventh birthday! I had wanted to give you a present as cool as you, but I couldn’t find anything, so I got you this.

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Finest 7th Birthday Wishes

11 – I wish you congratulations on the 7th Birthday and hope you get a mountain of gifts!

12 – Happy seventh birthday! Aim for the stars, and you’ll surely reach the skies!

13 – Welcome to the 7-year-old society! 7-year old rock! Happy birthday!

14 – I’ve a feeling you’re going to make a great 7-year-old. Hope this great year kicks off with a very exciting and very happy birthday!

15 – I am sending you 7 hugs and a big kiss on your 7th birthday. I am very proud of you!

16 – Happy birthday, kid! You’re one year older now, which makes you one year cooler and smarter than before! Congratulations!

17 – Happy 7th birthday! This year, we wish you to see the 7 wonders of the world (or at least learn about them), be in the 7th heaven, and have fun 24/7!

18 – Remember what Walt Disney said? If you can dream it, you can do it! Don’t be afraid to dream big! The more candles, the bigger the wish.

19 – I wish that you continue on your walk with the Lord and that you continue to have the courage to stand up for your faith.

20 – I wish that your love for reading keeps growing!

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21 – I think every 7 year old girl should own her own little horse, don’t you? We just have to ask mom and dad…

22 – Coolest and sweetest wishes to you on your 7th birthday! Rock on!

23 – Your birthday is your personal New Year. What do you want to do this year? What will you learn? Where will you go?

24 – Happy 7th birthday! I hope you get many fantastic great gifts and you have a wonderful day!

25 – Happy birthday! We really can’t believe it’s been seven years. Thanks for giving us exciting times and unforgettable memories, kid. Keep rocking!

26 – Happy birthday for the coolest boy in town on his 7th birthday. Have fun!

27 – Happy birthday! Let’s party and make this day unforgettable! Enjoy every minute!

28 – I am not sure if you are going to be the first female president or the next pop star, but I am sure you are a very special girl and you can archive everything you want. Happy 7th birthday!

29 – Another year older, and you just keep getting stronger, wiser, funnier and more amazing.

30 – You know why today is special? Because it’s all about you, and you are special. Happy 7th birthday! You’ve got a whole brand new year all to yourself. Fill it with fun and friends and colors, and make every day count!

Happy 6th Birthday Greetings

31 – Wow, you’ve just turned 7! Learn as much as you can while you are still young, later you’ll be too busy. I wish you tons of friends and a lot of fun moments with them to remember till your next birthday!

32 – Happy seventh birthday, you little superstar! We wish you make the most of your life today and any other day.

33 – Happy birthday! There is a whole world waiting for you: so many places to see, so many people to meet, so many things to try. What adventures are in store for you this year?

34 – I think every 7-year-old girl should own her own little horse, don’t you? We just have to ask mom and dad.

35 – Happy birthday, kid! Have fun today! I know being seven can be rough, but you’re tough, right?

36 – We hope you like your birthday gift, but in fact, the gift you gave us far exceeds anything we give you. We’re totally honored to be your parents.

37 – Are you ready to blow all 7 candles? Good luck!

38 – I could not afford a pony as a birthday present for you but I send a deposit to you for the horse … now you just have to convince mom and dad!

39 – Congratulations to the greatest treasure you could want as a grandchild. Have fun on your 7th birthday!